Garden Hose Maintenance Tips

I recently wrote about my search for a really good ‘no-kink’ garden hose. Having spent a little more money than I have in the past I am keen to extend its useful life much further than my previous record of a year (when I bought really cheap hosepipes and then left them out in all weather). With this in mind I’ve got together a few useful tips from experienced gardeners about how to take care of your garden hose.

Coil your garden hose where no-one will trip over it

Put your hose away after every use

Especially in the summer, when I might be watering every evening, it’s tempting to just leave the hose out for the next day. However, sunlight can damage a hose over time and extremes in temperature can weaken the material. Getting into the habit of putting it away properly – out of the sunlight or freezing weather – can help to keep the hose in tip-top condition.

Empty the hose of water before storing it in the winter

We all know that water expands when it freezes, right? So leaving water sitting inside the hosepipe in frozen temperatures can damage it – the pressure from the ice will weaken the materials and could cause the hose to burst.

Avoid kinking

Possibly the most irritating thing about cheaper hoses is their tendency to ‘kink’ during use. The only way to avoid this really is to either take great care when watering and coiling the pipe (always coil to store – hanging from a nail will cause creases and increase the likelihood of kinks forming) and make sure you don’t step on it or to invest in a good kink-free hose.

Keeping your garden hose in great condition means that you won’t need to fork out for a new one every other year or, if you’re anything like me, struggle with kinks and leaks for several months while stubbornly refusing to throw away a ‘perfectly good’ hose that (just about) does the job.

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